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Dekila Chungyalpa - Human-Earth Connection

Dekila Chungyalpa - Human-Earth Connection

May 21, 2021

DekilaChungyalpa_sq.jpgIn this episode, Wendy speaks with environmentalist Dekila Chungyalpa about her views of nature, the climate crisis, and her unique collaborations with faith leaders. Their conversation covers many topics, including:

  • growing up in the Himalayas and being interconnected with nature;
  • the dominance of dualistic thinking in the West, and the dangerous separations it creates;
  • embracing a framework of interdependence;
  • the role of indigenous wisdom in conservation;
  • her own experience dealing with eco-anxiety;
  • working with faith leaders to move the needle on environmental issues;
  • weaving together Buddhist values and activism;
  • bridging science and religion;
  • and the need for compassion and community in facing the climate crisis.

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Peter Wayne - Ecology of Mind

Peter Wayne - Ecology of Mind

May 7, 2021

PeterWayne_sq.jpgIn this episode, Wendy speaks with clinical researcher Peter Wayne about his work on mind-body and movement-based interventions like tai chi. Their conversation covers many topics, including:

  • how a background in ecology informs his research;
  • embracing multiple causes of any outcome;
  • how to do non-reductionist science;
  • removing the hyphen from the mind-body system;
  • harnessing the wisdom of the body through contemplative practice;
  • the value of first-person narrative in research;
  • safety and trauma in the body;
  • the relationship between physical and emotional patterns;
  • how the concept of the subtle body relates to Western views;
  • the role of integrative medicine in dealing with climate change;
  • and bringing together multiple perspectives to investigate the mind & healing.

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