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John Dunne - At the Crossroads of Buddhism and Science

February 26, 2021

In this episode, Wendy speaks with Buddhist scholar John Dunne. John has interfaced with contemplative scientists for over two decades to help advance rigorous research on meditation by incorporating a nuanced Buddhist perspective. They touch on many topics, including:

  • his path to integrating Buddhism and science, and the early days of contemplative research;
  • defining "meditation" for research purposes;
  • focused attention vs. open monitoring meditation;
  • a deep dive into meta-awareness;
  • subject/object duality and whether anything really exists;
  • the different ways we experience the sense of self;
  • hallucinogens, ego dissolution, and non-dual practices;
  • decentering and dereification;
  • and where he thinks the field should go next.

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