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Juan Santoyo - Practice and Peace

April 22, 2022


In this episode, Wendy speaks with contemplative researcher and social activist Juan Santoyo. Juan's work sits at the intersection of basic neuroscience and community-based programs; his central interest is in understanding the factors that are needed for peace and healing—both in the brain, and in the world. This conversation covers many topics, including:

  • his path into contemplative research;
  • neurophenomenology;
  • life in Colombia and reflections on the peace process;
  • working with ex-combatants through community engaged research;
  • Indigenous practices to connect with land and ancestors;
  • working with difficult emotions;
  • self-forgiveness;
  • the lack of land and ancestor practices in the West;
  • how oppressive systems impact the sense of self;
  • why contemplation matters for justice and equity work;
  • integrating basic neuroscience with healing in the world;
  • and investigating what is needed for peace.

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