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Lisa Feldman Barrett - Your Emotions Aren’t What You Think

January 15, 2021

We launch our second season featuring a conversation with psychologist, neuroscientist, and emotion researcher Lisa Feldman Barrett. She and Wendy discuss a broad range of topics about the mind, including:

  • her unexpected path into studying emotions;
  • how our brains construct and predict our reality;
  • the brain's essential role in regulating the body;
  • emotions as interpretations of our bodily state;
  • how our past shapes and filters our present experience;
  • the difference between affective feelings (mood) and emotions;
  • our capacity to influence our own emotions;
  • deconstructing our experience through mindfulness;
  • how to improve our emotional lives;
  • connections with Buddhist theories of mind;
  • implications for our understanding of the self;
  • how we regulate not only our own, but others' nervous systems;
  • and how stress and modernity might lead to clinging to entrenched views.

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