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Mingyur Rinpoche - Awareness, Compassion, and Wisdom

April 22, 2021

MingyurRinpoche_sq.jpgIn this episode, Wendy speaks with Tibetan Buddhist teacher Mingyur Rinpoche about how contemplative practice can lead us to awareness, compassion, and wisdom. Their conversation covers many topics, including:

  • his involvement in early contemplative research;
  • translating concepts between Buddhism and science;
  • what Buddhists mean by "emptiness";
  • non-conceptual meditation, open presence and foundational awareness;
  • the three kinds of self, and which one is like shaving foam;
  • the problem of othering;
  • making friends with panic and difficult emotions;
  • the experience of a "wandering" retreat;
  • and building trust through contemplative practice.

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