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Zenju Earthlyn Manuel - Identity as Path

November 5, 2021

ZenjuEarthlynManuel_sq.jpgIn this episode, Wendy speaks with author, Zen priest and Buddhist teacher, Zenju Earthlyn Manuel. Zenju's work highlights how the various facets of our identity can become "fertilizer" for growth on the path of spiritual and personal development. This conversation covers many topics, including:

  • growing up in the Christian church, and the questions it raised for her;
  • her unusual path into Buddhism;
  • how to work with your identity while moving beyond the self;
  • the truth of interdependence and cause & effect;
  • two truths (relative vs. absolute) in relation to identity;
  • bringing together spirituality and social justice;
  • the central importance of embodiment;
  • integration with nature;
  • how contemplative science should proceed;
  • and the dance between delusion and enlightenment.

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